Holding space – yours and ours.
Practice meets form meets gesture meets friends and family
–grounded, and gathered in our studio space.
Portal is open; enter by appointment. 

After years of not having a studio space to host our small community and products, JOS moved into a unit on the penthouse floor of a building in Poblacion, Makati earlier this year. Assembling all that is near and dear to us: objects, totems, developments—coupled with a wish to share the floor with the people who have supported us throughout the years. A bar in the corner to gather, a light that never goes out. A house to be grateful in.



In JOS apartment, JOS mundo envisions a home—open to friends and their respective works and projects, shaping it as we’d intended––a flow and exchange of people, ideas, and creation. Our primary product line finds its footing here, shelved amongst decor; from classic silhouettes such as the Fettuccine Platforms to recent releases like Ligaya Mary Janes and Fettuccine Wedge. 



We welcome you into JOS apartment. <3


Images by Aya Cabauatan, Issa Amores, and Maita Hagad